Medical Facilities

What should be chosen first, a doctor or an insurance policy? Well different people will have different thoughts on this, but it is better if you chose a doctor before taking up an insurance cover. You should have the right doctor then go ahead to choose an insurance policy. Insurance policies give you a list of doctors you should choose on taking up insurance with them. It is however very important to choose the doctor you want not what the insurance wants you to choose. You can get recommendation on the best doctors from workmates, family and friends. You must be comfortable and able to get all services from your doctor.

Things to consider when choosing a doctor


You must be aware and comfortable of the location of the doctor’s office. It is better to choose a doctor with office near your house. This makes it possible to get medical services immediately you the need arises. If you sick in a wheelchair, distance matters a lot. You will not have to travel far away to see the doctor.


Get referrals from people who have been treated the doctor before choosing them. You will find that some doctors have a line of people giving good testimonials about them. It is such a doctor you are supposed to choose.


You must be comfortable with other staff in the doctor’s office. Some staff are rude and not willing to help. You do not want to have people spoil your day when you are already sick. Avoid hospitals with rude staff by choosing a better doctor.

Phone calls

At times you will want to get some advice medical wise from home. Does the doctor pick up the calls himself when you call? If he misses the call, does he call back? Is he accommodating and friendly? The above question are vital in choosing the right doctor.


Are you comfortable around your doctor? Do you trust him with important medical decision? Are you safe giving him your health secrets? If you not are safe and comfortable with the doctor, he is not the right one for you. There is that feeling of being at home when you meet a doctor. if you do not get such, please choose another one.